Welcome to our website!

The Sudbury Court Residents’ Association (SCRA) represents the residents of the Sudbury Court and Pebworth Estates, about 3,000 households in north Wembley, in the London Borough of Brent.  You can see the boundaries for our association on the map below.

The SCRA is one of the oldest residents’ associations in the UK.  We’ve been serving the community for 85 years, having been formed in 1930, just after the Sudbury Court estate was built.

The SCRA is non party-political and non-sectarian.  We exist to preserve and enhance the amenities of the Estate, and take appropriate action on any matter that may threaten these amenities.  For example, we are in constant contact with Brent Council regarding matters that may effect residents, such as planning applications. The SCRA makes a positive difference to our estate, in recent years we have been responsible for the planting of more than 200 new trees across the estate.

In addition, the SCRA organises a number of community-building events, such as tea parties, family fun days, Summer and Christmas Fairs.  We also hold an annual Senior Citizens’ Outing, usually to the seaside, a monthly Lucky Draw, with prizes ranging for £20 to £50 for four lucky winners each month, as well as a seasonal Front Garden and Hanging Basket competition, and Christmas Lights competition.

The Courier Magazine is the official publication of the SCRA and is distributed free of charge to every household on both Estates. It contains all of the news from the estate, and an update on  SCRA activities in the preceding month.

Membership of the SCRA costs just £5 per year, per household (reduced to £2.50 for Senior Citizens).  If you live on our estate but have not yet joined the Association, we hope you will take the opportunity to do so via the Join the SCRA pages.

You can find more information on the pages of this website, or please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page, or by email to secretary@the-scra.co.uk