Barham Park – URGENT – Breach of Covenant

Dear Residents,

We would like your help in preventing the redevelopment of the Park Warden Cottages in Barham Park (776 & 778 Harrow Road) and other parkland in the future. The cottages are part Barham Park gifted to residents of Wembley by Titus Barham some 90 years ago and a covenant was placed on the two cottages precluding redevelopment when they were sold.

We suggest that you email the council’s leadership to demand they enforce the Covenant that prevents any additional development.

The suggested text below requires your name and address to be added. It should be noted that alterations to the letter are acceptable but they should not detract from the demand that the Council upholds the Covenant and does not delve into the rights or wrongs of the Planning Application.

The email addresses to send to are:

The text of your email should be this or very similar:

Dear Chief Executive and Leader of Brent Council

Subject: Covenant on 776 & 778 Harrow Road


I am a resident of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and consequently within easy walking distance of Barham Park which was gifted to residents of Brent by Titus Barham nearly 90 years ago.

It has come to my notice that a Planning Application is being considered by the Council to redevelop the 776 & 778 Harrow Road into four three storey houses. I am not objecting to the Planning Application.

When Brent sold the properties they added a Covenant to the Deeds prohibiting any redevelopment of the site. I demand as a residents of Wembley (now Brent) that the Council uphold that Covenant which protects the gift from Titus Barham to the residents of Wembley and do not allow any further development of 776 & 778 Harrow Road.

Yours sincerely