Planning Advice

If you are considering any form of development to your home, information about planning or building control matters can be found by visiting Brent Council’s website:

You may also obtain advice about your proposal by contacting the West Area Planning team at Brent Council on, or calling 020 8937 5240.

The SCRA is in constant contact with Brent Council Planning officers, and has an opportunity to comment on all planning applications in our area.

Sudbury Court Conservation Area

About one-third of the Sudbury Court Estate has been designated as a Conservation Area with an Article 4 Directive. This has been imposed to preserve the unique character of the area and places considerable planning restrictions on residents, specifically in making any changes to the front, but sometimes also to the side and rear, of their properties, including replacement windows, paving front gardens, front garden walls and removal of hedges and all trees.

Addresses within the Conservation Area are as follows:

Abbotts Drive  91, 111-197 , 76-158
Audrey Gardens 1-39, 2A, 2-46
Blockley Road 33-83, 93, 42-108
Campden Crescent 1-27, 2-28
Carlton Ave West 83-145, 100-188, 204-212
East Lane 198-264,1-18 Court Parade
Hill Road 1-7, 2-8
Holt Road 1, 2-6
Norval Road 1-107, 131, 12-74, 96
Pasture Close 1-30 Consec.
Pasture Road 1-91, 2-60
Paxford Road 41-119, 42-118
Stapenhill Road 1-31,2-32
The Crescent 1-19, 2-24
The Fairway 1-137,2-138
The Green 1-3, and adjacent open space
Watford Road 232-234, 268-278
(Odd numbers are grouped separately from evens.)  

You can review the planning guidance from Brent Council at


Planning assistance from the SCRA

We are very lucky to have Frank Manches on our committee, who has much knowledge of planning matters and is very happy to help members.  Members are welcome to consult him for advice and help on any proposed developments to their properties.

This service is only available to paid-up members of the SCRA — so if you haven’t already joined, now would be a good time to do so!  If you would like to contact Frank, please do so via the form below.

Please note, we are unable to help with neighbour disputes. However, we can, and will, get involved in planning applications that contravene local planning rules.  If in doubt, get in touch.